Purchase and development of cutting areas and forest properties

Purchase and development of cutting areas and forest properties

We purchase cutting areas and forest properties from natural and legal persons at good prices throughout Latvia.

Logging services

Logging services

Round timber sawing, export from cutting areas to lumberyard.

Round timber selling

Round timber selling

Wood for sale at high prices for the most reliable companies.

 Transportation services

Transportation services
  • Trailer services: all kinds of services for transportation of heavy equipment;
  • Transportation of timber from cutting area to the place of sale.

Forest management

Forest management
  • Free consultations;
  • Preparation of forest inventory;
  • Evaluation of forest;
  • Tracing, preparation of cutting areas;
  • Assistance with document preparation;
  • Forest restoration, forest care.


SIA "Kraujas Z" to buy:

  • Leaf trees Requirements: 14 -30 cm - 43.00 EUR

  • Conifers Requirements: 14 - 30 cm - 50.00 EUR Length - 2.30 m, Length - 10 cm

Place of delivery: "Līkās priedes", "Siltais", Lizuma pagasts, Gulbenes novads, LV-4425.


Wide range of high quality softwood and hardwood container boards.

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