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Production of high quality softwood
and hardwood container boards


Blocks of leaf trees

Ltd. "Kraujas Z" buys:

Deciduous container
Ø 14 - 50 cm, length with surface measurement - 2.50 m

Coniferous container
Ø 12 - 50 cm length with surface measurement - 2.50 m

The measurement of tare blocks is carried out in accordance with the Latvian state standard LVS 82:2003, using the group measurement method.

We guarantee professional wood acceptance and fast payment. Possibly our transport.

Phone for more information: +371 20010039.

Blocks of leaf trees

Place of delivery: "Līkās priedes", "Siltais", Lizuma pagasts, Gulbenes novads, LV-4425.

Production of SIA "Kraujas"

A wide range of high-quality conifer and hardwood container boards:

  • Thickness from 11 mm,

  • Width - from 46 mm,

  • Length up to 1500 mm,

  • Possible chemical treatment against mold and blueing,

Wood chips, shavings

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Contact us

If you are interested in our logging services, please write:  or call!

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